About Me

I am Rayan Wu, also known as Peaksol, a software developer and computer science enthusiast. Advocating software freedom and digital rights is one of my main occupations as a free software activist. I also volunteer as a translator for some free software projects.


Feel free to contact me via

  • Email: p@peaksol.org (This is preferred for in-depth discussions. My PGP keys can be found below. Also, it's strongly recommended that you use plain text emails.);
  • IRC: Peaksol on Libera Chat and LibreIRC (Use this for highly interactive discussions, especially for free software-related topics. Please note that chatting on IRC requires both people to be online at the same time, which means you'll need to keep your client open in case you miss a message.);
  • Matrix: #peaksol:vern.cc (If you just want to stop by for a chat, I'm also happy to do that on my Matrix channel. Offline messages are supported on Matrix, so you don't have to keep your client open 24/7.).

You may also find me on these platforms:

  • Mastodon: @peaksol@floss.social (Please don't DM me on Mastodon; contact me through the ways shown above.);
  • Codeberg: Peaksol;
  • GitHub: @TravinDreek (GitHub is deprecated and I no longer host my new projects there; see Give Up GitHub.).



If you have no idea what PGP encryption does, check Email Self Defense.

A copy of my PGP public key can be found on:

The fingerprint of my public key is: 6D49 A069 F9D6 A94A D521 E9F1 6D8A 1AA4 49E5 51CC. Please also check the fingerprint with me elsewhere (see the Contact section) before trusting it.

Be Free

Tech companies like Microsoft and Tencent takes away your freedom and privacy with their proprietary software that gives them unjust power over the users. Please read their EULAs once more and see what big tech is really doing to you. Kick out those dirty licenses ever more and switch to free software.


Social inertia consists of people who have given in to social inertia. When you surrender to social inertia, you become part of the pressure it exerts on others; when you resist it, you reduce it.

— Richard Stallman