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Please tolerate delayed response in recent correspondence with me, as well as any possible inactivity.

About Me

I am Peaksol, a software developer and computer science enthusiast. Advocating software freedom and digital rights is my main occupation as a free software activist. I also volunteer as a translator for some free software projects. Beyond computing, I take passionate interest in linguistics, law and music.

Be Free

Tech companies like Microsoft and Tencent takes away your freedom and privacy with their proprietary software that gives them unjust power over the users. Please read their EULAs once more and see what big tech is really doing to you. Kick out those dirty licenses ever more and switch to free software.


Feel free to contact me via:

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You won't find me on most popular social media platforms like Twitter or Weibo, nor can you add me on Discord, WeChat, etc. Those platforms require running non-free JavaScripts on your browser or proprietary software on your PC or cellphone. Besides, the centralized nature of those platforms leads to privacy issues, censorship, and surveillance.

While it's obvious that distributed systems (Tox, Jami, etc.) are better than federated ones (Matrix, XMPP, etc.) regarding privacy and security, they are yet harder to use than the latter. Thus, I don't currently use a distributed instant messenger most of the time. Hopefully, they'll be easier to use one day.


The key 6D49 A069 F9D6 A94A D521 E9F1 6D8A 1AA4 49E5 51CC has been revoked. You may get a revocation certificate on this site or

I don't have an OpenPGP key for now; a new key may be generated sometime soon.


Social inertia consists of people who have given in to social inertia. When you surrender to social inertia, you become part of the pressure it exerts on others; when you resist it, you reduce it.

— Richard Stallman

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