I can be reached in the following ways:

You may also find me on:


Use of OpenPGP email encryption is encouraged. If you have no idea what this is all about, read Email Self-defense.

A copy of my OpenPGP public key can be acquired on:

My fingerprint is 6D80 65CB 9EC5 7633 8E87 FD91 EB83 7FB5 327E 854F. Please also check the fingerprint with me elsewhere before trusting my keys.


You won't find me on most popular social media platforms like Twitter or Weibo, nor can you add me on Discord, WeChat, etc. Those platforms require running non-free JavaScripts on your browser or proprietary software on your PC or cellphone. Besides, centralization of those platforms leads to privacy issues, censorship, and surveillance.

While it's obvious that distributed systems (Tox, Jami, etc.) are better than federated ones (Matrix, XMPP, etc.) regarding privacy and security, they are yet harder to use than the latter. Thus, I don't currently use a distributed instant messenger most of the time. Hopefully, they'll be easier to use one day.

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